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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a specialized & customized service that offers a range of specialized investment strategies to capitalize on the opportunities in the market. Though, PMS is managed by  professional portfolio managers, it has potential to address the personal preferences tailored into the investment portfolio giving the freedom and flexibility required for achieving the client’s financial goals.

Why Portfolio Management Services?
Today, the financial market is increasingly complex and managing your own portfolio will take up a lot of your time and effort. There are situations when you don’t have time or knowledge to explore the best investment alternatives in the market. At this juncture, PMS can help the client to get out of this dilemma. The client can simply assign their investments to PMS who will report to them regularly on the portfolio’s performance.
But why should you opt for PMS offered by NMBCL?
  1. Balanced Portfolio: Professional research and advice will help you with information on the best investment options and ideas for your portfolio.
  2. Maximum Returns, Minimum Risks: PMS assure you of the best downside protection for your portfolio. You will benefit with practical financial advice that can help convert all paper gains into real profits in the shortest time.
  3. Adjust Your Portfolio To Market Trends: When you avail of PMS, you enjoy greater freedom and flexibility to diversify your investments.
  4. Personalized Advice: Get investment advice and strategies from expert Fund Managers.
  5. Professional Management: Money management services that work for you.
  6. Continuous Monitoring: You are informed about your investment portfolio from time to time.
  7. Hassle Free Operation: High standards of service and complete portfolio transparency. PMS handles all types of administrative work such as dealing with the broker, signature verifications, dividend collections, bonus share collections etc.
  8. Greater control: The portfolio can be customized to suit your risk-return profile. In case of non-discretionary portfolio management service the portfolio manager manages the clients portfolios in accordance to the decisions taken by the client.
  9. Transparency: PMS provides comprehensive communications and performance reporting that will give investors a complete picture regarding the securities held on his behalf.
Portfolio Management Services includes:
  1. Financial Planning
  2. Portfolio Strategy Definition/ Asset Allocation
  3. Portfolio Management- Administration, Performance Evaluation and Analytics
  4. Strategy Review and Modification
Types of PMS Services
There are two types of PMS:
  • Discretionary PMS: In discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager and manages the funds of each client in accordance with the client’s risk profile.
Products Offered Under Discretionary PMS
This portfolio construction strategy encompasses buying high quality stocks and holding them for a long term wealth creation motive, resulting in significant reduction of costs for the end investor. This philosophy enables investor and portfolio manager alike to keep focus on the companies they are holding, unaffected by movement in share prices. A stock is prudently picked for investment after a thorough study of its underlying hidden long-term potential.
To take advantage of the frequent price movements in the market this portfolio strategy undertakes frequent trading by buying and selling stocks and capitalizing profit in a short span of time.  
A well devised strategy will identify mispriced stocks and set a predefined entry and exit points with predefined stop loss levels. This philosophy enables the portfolio manager to timely book profits and takes advantage of frequent price movements in the market. In case of losses, the portfolio will be able to timely exit from the market and secure the investors capital. This strategy will help the fund manager to keep focus on short term price movements and increase wealth of the investors with frequent profit booking.
NMB Systematic pension plan is a type of retirement plan, wherein an investor makes contributions toward a pool of funds set aside for the investor’s future benefit. The contributions may be done all at once or at regular intervals. The systematic investment plan helps the investors to access their money at regular intervals, as they need it. This helps the investors to carry out their financial plans and help meet their goals. This strategy aids investors gain a certain level of independence from market fluctuation and reduce the single period price risk from withdrawing large amounts at once.
  • Non-discretionary PMS: In non-discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager manages the funds The portfolio manager cannot make buy-sell decisions at his own discretion; he has to refer to the client for every transaction. In in non-discretionary PMS services all administrative function related to investments made on behalf of the client will also be handled by NMBCL.