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NMB Capital

NMB Capital Limited (NMBCL) is into merchant and investment banking, established as a wholly owned subsidiary of NMB Bank Limited. It formally started its operation from September 17, 2010.
NMBCL manages public offering and underwriting of securities, providing trusteeship services for issuance of bonds, debentures and other marketable securities. It is also licensed to provide ancillary services for administration of stocks to the issuing companies like Registrar to Shares, Debentures and Bonds. Since its inception, NMBCL is providing Registrar of Shares (RTS) Services to some of the big public corporate organizations of the country.
We aim to be one stop solution for raising any forms of capital and its administration. We are committed and sensitive to maintain the supremacy gained in years of service and strongly value in maintaining the legacy by empowering development with financial justice and uncompromising prudence.    
To establish itself as a leader in investment banking activities by providing a range of financial services suitable to the needs of market.
To gain supremacy in growth, profit, client care and social responsibility by:
  • Leveraging and integrating the existing strength of the institution.
  • Being innovative in design and delivery of service.
  • Building operational efficiency through continuous development in process and control.
  • Place high priority on stakeholders’ interest and statutory compliance.
  • Prudent use of technology to develop internal and external efficiency.